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Welcome to the Gilmore Girls music community! This is a community for lovers of The CW's Gilmore Girls and lovers of music. It is *especially* for people who are lovers of the music played or referenced on Gilmore Girls

The Rules:
0. There really are no rules. I'm pretty relaxed about this, and as long as the topic stays remotely close to Gilmore Girls and music, it probably won't be touched. Instead, think of this as the Suggestions area!

1. Feel free to post with your questions. Did you hear a song you liked, but you don't know who sings it? Did you like a song by a specific artist and want to ask the community for suggestions regarding further downloading/purchasing? Would you like to know how many times they've referenced U2 or Sparks and in which episodes? Ask. Hopefully someone will have an answer.

2. Post sample music downloads: mp3s and what-have-you. All I ask is that if you are posting music, please friends lock the entry so that no one gets in trouble and the community remains open!

3. Post with artist information, pictures, bios...Tell us which episodes the songs/band appeared in, why you like it etc. I hope to have a Weekly Artist Pick once the community gets going. By that, I mean a megapost with all the info (Gilmore-related and otherwise) one can stomach plus perhaps a couple sample songs and/or pictures.

4. Other posting ideas: Polls. What music has Gilmore Girls turned you on to? Which characters do you have similar taste to? Favorite songs that have played? Best songs that represent a certain relationship or storyline...Go ca-razy!!!!

5. I ask that you *try* and keep everything related to the show, and Lord knows they've given us enough music to work with. However, if you feel the need to post about some band that hasn't been on the show, I probably won't do much to stop you. Maybe you feel like a band *should* be on the show, or a certain song would have been *perfect* for a specific scene. All that stuff is fun and good. But don't use this community to whore out your own crummy garage band. I will stop that.

6. Please at least do a scan of the first page of entries to see if your question/information has already been posted. I understand that information is easy to miss, so no one will scold you if you repost info, but trying to cut down on repetition can't hurt.

7. And per the request of one of our first members: Don't be stupid!. I like this rule. Simple and concise. I don't think we'll have a problem with that, though. Gilmore fans have to be relatively intelligent to understand the show, so I'm not worried. And bloody hell, man, be sure to use proper personal hygiene!!!

8. Rules to be added to/changed as the community grows and it becomes necessary. Otherwise, enjoy!!!!

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