.... (tesorina33) wrote in gilmore_music,

I'm a little lamb who's lost in the woods...

Hello all -

I have a random Mix Cd of Gilmore Girls music. I collected a crapload of songs tagged as a song from GG, and one day burned it randomly without rhyme or reason for which songs I chose... and it came out beautifully and I've never stopped listening to it. However, I've since lost the track listing (and it's been ripped and re-burned so many times, it won't show up when I pop it in). I know I could probably figure them all out if I typed specific lyrics into google.

HOWEVER... one I can't find is: Who does the cover of "Someone to Watch Over Me"? I'm not sure which episode it was on... but it's a woman, very beautiful voice.

I can upload it if it will help jog your memory. Hell, I could upload the whole album if you guys want a specialized GG mix. :)

Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks lovelies.
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